My best food memories from my childhood

The best food memories from my childhood is moon cake--stuffed round cake especially made for the Mid-Autumn Festival. The moon cake stands for full moon of mid-autumn. It's the symbol of reunion of relatives who lived apart from their dear ones. But I didn't understand that when I was a child.

It was just the troubled period of China during my childhood time, the economic condition of the whole country was worse, especially in the north of China, and our family lived in there. Every one had very little quota of sugar, flour, meat, oil, etc. Children didn't have any snacks.

In one of mid-autumn festivals, we received some moon cakes, that my grandma had sent us from the south, and I had never seen her at that time. The moon cakes is the most delicious food I had ever eaten. It's very soft, very sweet, smells very good. But I just ate a very small slice, because my mom shared the moon cake with the neighbors.

Many years later after that, our family moved to the south, and the condition became better. Every mid-autumn festival I could get a lot of moon cakes, but I have never eaten any delicious moon cake like my grandma sent us when I was a child. Sometimes I sent some moon cakes to my friends and relatives who lived in the north. In any case, south's moon cake are better than the north's.

— by Frances Zhou