The First Day I Came to Vancouver

It was deep autumn when I came to Vancouver the first time. The leaves of the maple trees were red at that time, so I chose that day I arrived in Canada, as the red maple tree's leaf is the symbol of Canada. The view of Vancouver was just as I had imagined, both sides of every street were red, but there were more things that make me feel surprised.

The sun shone in the crystal clear sky, seagulls flew on the sea, and the harbor was full of sailing boats. Falling leaves in the air indicate that winter was coming; the green mountains were decorated with shining snow. What a beautiful scene! Then I took a walk on the street. A green lawn was decorated with colorful flowers. I found a squirrel jumped down from a tree, then another. I had never seen any real squirrels before. They were so lovely and cute, as if they were the most beautiful thing in the woods. People put some pumpkins in their yard, which reminded me that Halloween was just around the corner. There are so many beautiful houses with colorful gardens, but only a few skyscrapers. "Canada looks like a village" I thought. Now, I learn "Canada" means village in the Native India language.

Skytrain also impressed me. The train is not under the ground like most countries' subway, it's in the sky as its name implies'. When you take the skytrain, you can see beautiful view outside the window as if seeing a landscape movie. Surprisingly, there is no driver on skytrain; it moves by itself!

I was very excited the whole day. In one word, Vancouver impressed me on the first day I came. It is a great country that combines modern life with beautiful nature.

— by Frances Zhou