My Favorite Movie

My favorite movie is the Sound of Music. It's a musical comedy movie that came from a real story. The story takes place during World War 2, in Austria.

Captain Von Trapp is a retired Naval officer of the Austrian navy. He loves his country, refuses to do anything with Gernamy. His wife died, left him 7 children whose ages are from 5 to 16. The captain educates his seven children with military discipline. The children behave well in front of their father; once out of his sight they were incorrigible brats, make their governesses miserable. The governesses quit one by one, so the captain asks for the help of Salzburg Abbey.

Maria is a nun at Salzburg Abbey. She become a nun just because she likes the bell's music of the Abbey. She likes to sing songs anytime, often late for prayer. She isn't a good nun. But the Mothers like her for her loving life, loving nature, even more, she is a funny girl. Mothers decide to send Maria to look after the seven children of the captain. In the beginning, the children do some childish pranks to Maria, but Maria understands attention from their father. A few days after Maria comes to the family , the captain goes on vacation with his fiancee--the welthy-glamorous Austrian Baroness.

Maria Wins the children over with her natural warmth and kindness. She fashions their clothes from curtain cloth, takes them for picnics in the countryside, teaches them to sing, stages a puppet show to entertain the captain and his guests.

The baroness, finally unable to deny the captain's true feelings, gracefully bows out. The captain and Maria married. At the end, the whole family escape to free Switzerland to break away from control of Germany.

I love this movie. Every person is pretty and has a lot of sense of humor, including the Baroness. The landscape is bright, clean and attractive. I like every song in the movie, especially "the lonely goatherd". Every time I watched this movie, I felt very happy, I can find more new things and feelings. When I was in difficulty, I always recall the Reverend mother's words: "When God closes the door, he opens a window in other place".

— by Frances Zhou